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Journalism: why do we do it?

Journalism is a profession under siege. It has been labeled as one of the least attractive careers for the third year in a row. In the United States, many who seek the truth are being accused of perpetuating “fake news” by powerful politicians who merely… Keep Reading



#thisis2016. Picture California; no, better, picture New York. A man catches his subway ride, a woman strolls down Park Avenue, a child picks at his food in a bustling restaurant. It’s a normal, an American, day here in New York—except the man is Korean, the… Keep Reading


A defense of journalism, maybe

Frankly, I am tired of typing the number 2016 in my articles. I imagine this is how writers felt last year, the year before, a century ago; there always seems to be a need to qualify a statement with the year it happened, as if… Keep Reading

News/Race to 2016

Race to 2016: Bernie Sanders

“Excuse me, do you know who Bernie Sanders is?” “Who?” “He’s a presidential candidate for 2016, who works for the common good of society rather than catering to the individualistic needs of—” “—I’m sorry, I only know Donald Trump and that Clinton dude.” “Please, sir.… Keep Reading


Musicians of SIS: Angela Jang

[intense_content_box title=”Angela Jang: violinist with passion and fire” boxed=”0″ shadow=”5″ icon=”volume-up”] 3:00. Angela Jang (12) walks down the stairs, carefully balancing her violin on one shoulder and her backpack on the other. While her friends leave for the bus, chatting excitedly amongst themselves, Angela takes… Keep Reading

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