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What money cannot buy

By Eric Song and Daniel Shin As the world wakes up, ready for another day of work, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” (using an account publicly managed by adolescents around the world) post pictures from yet another night of opulent partying and drinking—yes, they are… Keep Reading

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SOS: Public Speaking Classes

If Martin Luther King had just thought about freedom, segregation may still continued be a reality. If Gandhi had held his tongue and just thought about a free India, perhaps the British would still be in control. Our thoughts only hold value once they are… Keep Reading


The Flint Water Crisis

It was a chilly March evening when LeeAnne Walters woke up to the sound of a blood-curdling scream. Anticipating a burglar, she sprinted upstairs, baseball bat in hand. What she found was not a thief, but something just as shocking; her 18-year-old daughter Kaylie, staring… Keep Reading

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North Korea suspected of creating Hydrogen bomb

On Jan. 6, the Korean Central News Agency in North Korea reported the successful testing of a hydrogen bomb, which, if true, would mark a large advancement in the nation’s highly controversial nuclear program. Through news networks such as the BBC and CNN, the international… Keep Reading


Ronda Rousey: The Face of Women’s MMA

The notion of a women ever fighting in the Octagon was once a laughing matter to Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in 2011. Yet it took just four years for female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star Ronda Rousey to rise to… Keep Reading

Save Our Society

Comfort Women: Forgive but not forget

By DANIEL SHIN and ERIC SONG There is nothing physically imposing about Eva Kohr. Her frail body and sorrowful, tear-laden eyes give the impression that even the smallest breeze can blow her over. Even so, not even the strongest storm of winds could do such… Keep Reading


Korean baseball player recognized in MLB

After batting an average of .379 with 13 extra-base hits in July, Jungho Kang  was crowned the US Major League’s Rookie of the Month award on Aug. 4. This prestigious title, never before been received by a Korean, has not only distinguished Kang for his… Keep Reading

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