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Tiger Times Paper Edition Editorial

Issued in 2016, the national anti-grafting law was intended to level the playing field in organizations such as schools, companies, and even the government by uprooting instances of bribery and corruption. For the most part, it seems to be serving its purpose faithfully at SIS.… Keep Reading


Idealog: Optimism

By Diana Nakyoung Lee The optimist. A person who calls the glass half-full. A happy-go-lucky, don’t-worry-be-happy kind of guy or girl. A mysterious—almost mystical—creature rarely found in SIS hallways. In the context of everyday conversation, the word “optimist” has become somewhat of an umbrella term… Keep Reading


Syncretism in law: the new controversy

On the path to globalization is a colorful and clamoring intersection. Everyday, people from hundreds of different countries reach this crossroad and meet a wave of ideas completely novel or foreign to them. It is too early to tell whether globalization will be beneficial or… Keep Reading

News/News Briefs

August/September: News Briefs

Science labs renovated over summer break One of the most significant renovations made for teachers and students over summer break was the revamping of science classrooms. “I get to teach in a larger room, with more accessible labs,” said Brian Mellon, science teacher. “The labs… Keep Reading

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