Emily Bae is a senior and the social media marketing editor for Tiger Times. She enjoys mock trial and watching movies during her free time. She always brings snacks to school so approach her with a fork!

Vibe’s new payment system creates friendly environment for artists

By Emily Bae - April 20, 2020

New conservative party sets reform movements in Korea

By Emily Bae - March 18, 2020

President Trump’s impeachment trial highlights ugliness of US politics

By Emily Bae - February 25, 2020

“Cats” leaves viewers disappointed and dissatisfied

By Emily Bae - January 29, 2020

Public responds to abolishment of Korean elite schools

By Emily Bae - December 6, 2019

Ivan Atanaskovic’s transition from SIS to Istanbul

By Emily Bae - June 1, 2019

Release of Mueller Report brings about important implications

By Emily Bae - April 24, 2019

KAIAC Kickoff proves successful with substantial school spirit

By Emily Bae - April 15, 2019

Trump’s former attorney testifies: “I am committed to telling the truth”

By Emily Bae - March 24, 2019

BTS makes history with awards debut

By Emily Bae - February 28, 2019

“Ralph Breaks the Internet”: Disney sequel leaves some viewers disappointed

By Emily Bae - February 14, 2019

South Korean soccer team proves successful at 2019 Asian Cup

By Emily Bae - February 1, 2019

Asian Games take a step toward Korean unity

By Emily Bae - September 12, 2018

Unconventional clubs give SIS new looks

By Emily Bae - September 11, 2018


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