Eric Hwang is a Sophomore and reporter at Tiger Times. Currently a member of the HSSC Sophomore council, Eric is also a short track speedskater, enjoys playing basketball, and is fond of writing. On a side not, please do not confuse him with the Freshman and Junior Eric Hwangs!

Pandemic paralyzes global sports leagues

By Eric Hwang - April 20, 2020

Clubs continue activities in midst of coronavirus

By Eric Hwang - February 25, 2020

NBA injury trend places American youth basketball under scrutiny

By Eric Hwang - January 29, 2020

SIS establishes new PR department

By Eric Hwang - January 26, 2020

Show recommendations for stressed high school students

By Eric Hwang - November 12, 2019

Antonio Brown controversy continues on new team

By Eric Hwang - September 5, 2019

Spoiler Free Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

By Eric Hwang - June 1, 2019

TSC hosts surprise filled spring pep rally

By Eric Hwang - April 22, 2019

Badminton to become official AISA and varsity sport

By Eric Hwang - April 15, 2019

Amazon abandons New York headquarters amid entitlement allegations

By Eric Hwang - March 4, 2019

Government shutdown over border wall continues

By Eric Hwang - January 31, 2019

HSSC hosts annual Freshman Late Night

By Eric Hwang - September 11, 2018


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