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Fall Sports/Sports

In collaboration with Tiger News Today (TNT), we present to you the live streaming of the AISA Volleyball Tournament! Stay tuned to cheer on our Tiger athletes.   Keep Reading


Angelika Lin’s journey to the eye of the storm

She successfully climbed the tallest mountain in Africa. She nearly ran over a holy cow in Palkhel, Nepal, an offense that she half-jokingly claims would have landed her in jail. She visited a Tibetan monk who taught her how to meditate and guided her to a sense… Keep Reading

News/Save Our Society

Wall-E: A prophecy come true

By Daniel Shin and Eric Song In 2007, Andrew Stanton envisioned a world full of big babies “because there was no reason for them to grow up any more.” Based on this imagination, he directed and released “Wall-E,” a harsh, yet thought-provoking film depicting obese… Keep Reading


Mayweather beats Pacquiao in action-deprived bout

With half a billion dollars and their reputations on the line, welterweight world champions Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced off in what was billed as “The Fight of the Century.” The event was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas,… Keep Reading


Tae-hwan Park fails doping test

Tae-hwan Park, 26-year-old South Korean swimmer and 2008 Olympic gold medalist, failed a recent doping test administered by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) on Sept. 3, 2014, before the Incheon Asian Games. According to ESPN, Park’s agency, Team GMP, admitted that Park had been injected… Keep Reading


Newborn Otto Brodhead transforms parents’ lives

Born to Peter and Sara Brodhead on Oct. 27, Otto Brodhead has an eccentric fascination with coat racks and lights. His grey-blue eyes fixate on flashy objects that catch his attention, and shortly after, he bursts out into contagious laughter. Otto is, as his parents… Keep Reading

Save Our Society

Save Our Society: Introductory Letter

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2015. Nearly two and a half decades ago, an American science fiction film called Back to the Future II was released in theaters. The main characters use a time machine to travel back and forth in time: between 1985, the… Keep Reading


“Katok” users switch en masse to Telegram

Ever since the Sewol ferry incident occurred in April, President Park Geun-hae has been subject to heavy criticism and rumors for her poor handling of the situation. In response, the president decided to take active measures by pledging to crack down on the citizens responsible… Keep Reading


Open gym sessions reflect basketball heat

The acclaimed legacies of last year’s varsity basketball teams have set high standards for this year’s teams, as the boys team went undefeated and the girls team placed third in the KAIAC tournament. In an attempt to replicate last year’s success and improve their basketball… Keep Reading


Seniors pursue passion through unofficial clubs

It is an undeniable fact that more club proposals get rejected than accepted at the end of each year— Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Robotics Club were no exception. Yet, this rejection did not deter Kyle Bae (12) and Erin Ko (12), co-presidents… Keep Reading


James Funk, math and substitute teacher

James Funk, math teacher and substitute, taught at Michigan City High School for 29 years before coming to teach at SIS. Having moved to Korea not only to enlighten “bright, young minds” but also to experience a new culture, Mr. Funk was impressed by the… Keep Reading

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