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The road(s) not taken

By Jaeha Kim and Ariel Lee “So wait, are you pre-med, engineering, business, law, or arts? You have to be one of those five, right?” With this question we know it has begun: yes, college apps are now in season. Even before the extended investigations… Keep Reading

Global News

College student illegally enters North Korea

In an attempt to bridge the relations between the two Koreas, New York University student Won-moon Joo made the decision to breach national law and cross the North Korean border on April 22. According to the New York Times, Joo crossed the Yalu River from… Keep Reading


IT coordinator welcomes third child

Crawling into the real world, Lina Kang was born on Jan. 26, the daughter of IT Coordinator Paul Kang. After a smooth Cesarean-section operation, the baby was safely born into the hands of Mr. Kang and his wife. The child is now safe and in… Keep Reading


Propaganda balloons burst Inter-Korean relationship

After eight years of silence between the two Koreas, North Korea’s leader Jong-un Kim unexpectedly decided to resume highest-level bilateral talks during his nationwide New Year’s speech. However, on Jan. 9, North Korea issued an ultimatum declaring that South Korea must either stop the release… Keep Reading

News Briefs

January: News Briefs

China Care sends letters to orphans On Jan. 15, members of the China Care Club (CCC) wrote letters directed to the orphans of the China Care Home in Beijing. The executive members of CCC decided to reinitiate dialogue between the orphans and students after a… Keep Reading


Musicians of SIS: Jiwon Chung

[intense_content_box title=”Jiwon Chung: concerted cellist” boxed=”0″ shadow=”5″ icon=”volume-up”] She patiently waits for the queue of the conductor; she lifts her bow and the orchestra comes to life. Seventh-grade summer marked a new beginning for Jiwon Chung (10), the principle cellist of the high school orchestra… Keep Reading

School News

Sophomores place first at robotics tournament

After preparing for over half a year, sophomores Jake Park, James Cho and Eli Oh travelled to Australia from Oct. 29-Nov. 1 to attend the Group of 20 (G20) Technology Challenge, which featured a robotics competition. Although it was their first time competing in an… Keep Reading


MC Mong to release comeback album

After falling into relative obscurity over the last five years, MC Mong, a Korean singer who was popular in the mainly from 2002 to 2009, is preparing for a comeback in November with many other different artists, such as Lee Sun Hee. In his prime,… Keep Reading


New student aspires to become an environmentalist

Having lived in suburban Germany and France for the past eleven years, Garam Lee (11) likes to call herself a passionate “global citizen.” Although she has yet to have much exposure regarding environmental protection, Garam aspires to become an environmentalist in the future. Influenced by… Keep Reading

School News

Substitute teacher shares global experience

Returning to her home country to teach at her first international school, Mina Kwon joined the faculty as a substitute teacher for Sara Brodhead, science teacher. Ms. Kwon has been working with Raymond Marangelo, chemistry teacher, to make her transition into AP Environmental Science smoother.… Keep Reading


Steven Smith, history teacher

With his family, Steven Smith moved to Korea last summer to work as a social studies teacher at SIS. Born and raised in Oregon, Mr. Smith studied history and political studies in Pitzer College and proceeded to earn a masters degree in history at the… Keep Reading


Virginia Seefeld, math teacher

Wanting a more international experience for her children, Ben and Halle, Virginia Seefeld came to Korea last summer to teach at SIS. Raised in Oregon, Ms. Seefeld previously taught math in the South Eugene High School in Oregon for twelve years after graduating from University… Keep Reading

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