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People who really should have run for HSSC

The HSSC executive council revealed class council candidates on June 1, preparing for the upcoming class council elections. While there were many respectable candidates, students expressed disappointment that their favorite people did not run for office. Faux News has gathered a list of favorite potential… Keep Reading


Early closure of school due to MERS scare ineffective

Unlike the usual celebration that ends an academic year, SY 2014-2015 dwindled into an anticlimactic fizz when school closed two days earlier than expected. In an effort to prevent the further spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that glanced Korea in the beginning… Keep Reading


Musicians of SIS: Wonjai Lee

[intense_content_box title=”Wonjai Lee: orchestral trumpeter” boxed=”0″ shadow=”5″ icon=”volume-up”] It is understood in the band industry that good brass players are like polar bears: they are exceedingly rare and should be protected as such. One of these rare musicians, Wonjai Lee (10) sits on the risers… Keep Reading

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