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Typing Competition TOP SIX Finalists

Congratulations to these six students who will be eligible to participate in the final round at the atrium on Thursday Office Hours for a chance to win BEATX EARPHONES or a KASSY’S GIFT CARD. TOP SIX (characters per minute) Joonyoung Lee (10) – 774 Cinji… Keep Reading

Soomin2: The Search for Stars!

By Soomin Chun and Soomin Lee March is the month for women, as it is Women’s History Month in the US. In 1987, National Women’s History Month was declared in perpetuity, with a special Presidential Proclamation given each year to honor the achievements of women.… Keep Reading

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AP Capstone program to be offered at SIS

From the upcoming school year, rising juniors and sophomores will have the opportunity to enroll in two new AP courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—aimed to help students cultivate independent research skills, teamwork, and communication. According to CollegeBoard, the AP Capstone program, the collective label of… Keep Reading

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Gender Imbalance in the Classroom

“Women belong in the kitchen.” Traditional norms have assigned the genders appropriate roles and characteristics in the past: education was no exception. Traditionally, males have been expected to study hard and get jobs while women have been assigned more domestic roles. As women were not… Keep Reading

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October News Briefs

Food Allergy Awareness Due to incidences of allergic reactions by student consumers, JJ’s has kept track of potential allergy-inducing ingredients to ensure safety for its consumers. The most recent additions to the list of allergenic foods include beef, squid, shellfish, chicken, and walnuts. These foods… Keep Reading

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Revived buddy program achieves mutual benefit

Several bright-eyed students were seen during the first few days of school roaming around in white T-shirts labeled “SISA.” The “SISA” logo, which stands for Seoul International School Ambassadors, indicated members of the buddy program, an initiative focused on actively welcoming new high school students.… Keep Reading


Musicians of SIS: Alix Kim

[intense_content_box title=”Alix Kim: ambitious oboist” boxed=”0″ shadow=”5″ icon=”volume-up”] Taking a deep breath, Alix Kim (10) pushes her breath against the mouthpiece strongly, pressing down with both lips to create the right embouchure, the shape of your lips and mouth with the reed. She closes her… Keep Reading

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