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A Final Farewell

It’s finally here: the final issue of Tiger Times. Keeping in tune with that tone of finality, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that this will also be the ultimate installment of my book review column. I have been writing this column… Keep Reading

Groovy Movies

Royally amusing film majestic success

The British secret agent is quite obviously no longer a secret these days. His shadowy figure materialized first with Ian Fleming’s James Bond, corporealized with the vast literature of espionage that followed John Le Carré, and coalesced with the various film adaptations of the literature.… Keep Reading

An Appsolute World

Trivia Crack understandable for popularity

Bored from doing homework or trying to kill their spare time, many students have resorted to playing Trivia Crack, a game recently popular due to its simple but engaging elements. Even though trivia games are conventionally thought of as “nerdy” activities that many would not… Keep Reading

Film passes Turing test for brilliance

When “The Imitation Game” was released in theaters Feb. 17, critics jumped on the hype train and started to praise the film even before it premiered. The historical thriller genre only added to the rumor—recent historical thrillers have been highly successful, citing “Argo” among many.… Keep Reading

Entertainment/Groovy Movies

Film is taken to new heights

Stirring interest as a freshly original film, “Taken 3” entered cinemas Jan. 1. The wholly standalone film marks a part of Hollywood that is not repetitive but rather highly innovative. While some criticize “Taken 3” for being an all-too-predictable carbon copy of its predecessors “Taken”… Keep Reading

An Appsolute World

Soundboard app Keezy trendy with apparent disadvantages

Particularly popular these days are dubstep and electronic music, both of which enable mixing and creating music without lyrics. Such popularity can be attributed to its creation processes, which do not require professional knowledge or extensive experience with music; rather, numerous user-friendly applications and devices… Keep Reading

Daniel's Books in a Nutshell

The Twelve Books for Christmas

Before holiday season dawns upon us the exam season. But once that hurdle of examinations is past, three whole weeks will stretch out—three long weeks in which to read books! After all, don’t we all deserve a rest after a difficult semester? Winter break is… Keep Reading

An Appsolute World

Seven deceptive in effectiveness of workouts

With the winter sports season coming up, cheerleaders and basketball players are frantically trying to get fit and lose weight before the tryouts to make it on the varsity team. Due to the burden of schoolwork and extracurricular activities, however, students can have trouble allocating… Keep Reading

Groovy Movies

Labyrinthine film convolutes source novel

Audiences saw the rise of films featuring teenage protagonists since the publishing of novels that put the spotlight on teenagers. Indeed, teenage post-apocalyptical films are still in vogue, given the plethora of such movies being filmed, like “The Hunger Games” series and “Divergent.” Following the… Keep Reading

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