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Journalism: why do we do it?

Journalism is a profession under siege. It has been labeled as one of the least attractive careers for the third year in a row. In the United States, many who seek the truth are being accused of perpetuating “fake news” by powerful politicians who merely… Keep Reading


Tiger Times Paper Edition Editorial

Issued in 2016, the national anti-grafting law was intended to level the playing field in organizations such as schools, companies, and even the government by uprooting instances of bribery and corruption. For the most part, it seems to be serving its purpose faithfully at SIS.… Keep Reading


People who really should have run for HSSC

The HSSC executive council revealed class council candidates on June 1, preparing for the upcoming class council elections. While there were many respectable candidates, students expressed disappointment that their favorite people did not run for office. Faux News has gathered a list of favorite potential… Keep Reading

Features/Website Features

Departing Teacher Feature 2017

As the year has come to an end, it is now time to say good-bye to some of our most beloved teachers. Join us in a final farewell: Music sources: N°097 – Michael, Play – Steven O’Brien, DJ Khaled I’m The One (INSTRUMENTAL) – Prod. Jed Official  … Keep Reading


Typing Competition TOP SIX Finalists

Congratulations to these six students who will be eligible to participate in the final round at the atrium on Thursday Office Hours for a chance to win BEATX EARPHONES or a KASSY’S GIFT CARD. TOP SIX (characters per minute) Joonyoung Lee (10) – 774 Cinji… Keep Reading


Lost in diversity: what we have forgotten

Globalization – humanity has obsessed over this idea of worldwide interaction involving the politics, economies, and cultures of different nations. Globalization has often been linked with westernization, and globalization has come to mean the spreading of western ideals and thoughts. However, now the focus has… Keep Reading


The road(s) not taken

By Jaeha Kim and Ariel Lee “So wait, are you pre-med, engineering, business, law, or arts? You have to be one of those five, right?” With this question we know it has begun: yes, college apps are now in season. Even before the extended investigations… Keep Reading


Athletes shine despite Olympic controversies

Millions hovered in front of their TV, computer, and smartphone screens from Aug. 5-21, as they viewed athletes showcasing their hard work over the past four years. On the screens were 11,544 athletes from more than 200 countries, all making their way to a single,… Keep Reading


Pokémon Go sparks interest and confusion in Korea

Hopping onto the trend of virtual reality (VR) entertainment, software development company Niantic released its augmented reality (AR) game “Pokémon Go” in selected countries on July 6. A real world spin-off of the timeless Nintendo game Pokémon, the smartphone application has been released on both… Keep Reading


Idealog: Optimism

By Diana Nakyoung Lee The optimist. A person who calls the glass half-full. A happy-go-lucky, don’t-worry-be-happy kind of guy or girl. A mysterious—almost mystical—creature rarely found in SIS hallways. In the context of everyday conversation, the word “optimist” has become somewhat of an umbrella term… Keep Reading


Action plans post-THAAD deployment

The South Korean government’s decision in early August to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) has aroused strong opposition for its disregard for citizens’ rights. North Korea is dangerous in that they occupy nuclear weapons that can potentially cause harm; but how far… Keep Reading


In defense of stardom: tabloid blowup

A single mistake, especially what could have been a split-second lapse of judgement, should not result in a loss of friends. We are more compassionate than that. When we, normal people, make an insensitive comment, we acknowledge what went wrong and apologize for our actions.… Keep Reading


New coaches focus on team chemistry

By Yejune Park Filling in the spaces of the coaches who left the previous year, Morgan Miller, history teacher, joined the girls varsity volleyball team as its new coach. Tyler Miller and Jennifer Miller, both science teachers, were welcomed to the varsity and junior varsity… Keep Reading


Syncretism in law: the new controversy

On the path to globalization is a colorful and clamoring intersection. Everyday, people from hundreds of different countries reach this crossroad and meet a wave of ideas completely novel or foreign to them. It is too early to tell whether globalization will be beneficial or… Keep Reading

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