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Colors of Adolescence

Colors of Adolescence

Colors of Adolescence Edition 4

“Does not everything depend on the interpretation of silence around us?” – Lawrence Durrell –  It is only recently that I have begun to understand what silence could entail: It could be the awkward jumble of two strangers, Or the fragment of peace at 4… Keep Reading

Colors of Adolescence Edition 3

Let yourself sink into the Parisian atmosphere: intoxicate yourself with the fragrance of its dense, buttery baguettes; hum along to the romantic tinkles of French words boiling ever so softly in your ear; desperately clutch onto each and every transient second, in nowhere less than… Keep Reading

Colors of Adolescence/Lifestyle

Colors of Adolescence Edition 2

We tumbled down a dirt trail and the bus eventually screeched to a stop at the rust-covered gate. The premise was hushed, dormant under an all-encompassing blanket of calm—until a student would notice us entering, and the field would abruptly startle to life. Tattered-uniform clad… Keep Reading

Colors of Adolescence

Colors of Adolescence: Prologue

I awoke to the drift of French bread wafting through the hotel every morning, and was lulled to sleep by the symphony of crickets at night. Sipping on cherry-ade, my sister and I, we’d sit amidst the tall grass and watch the cathedral of Chartres… Keep Reading

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