Meet your Varsity Cross Country Team 15-16!

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Daniel Kim (11)DANIEL-KIM-(11)

Eric Song (11)ERIC-SONG-(11)


Jennifer Huh (12)JENNIFER-HUH-(12)


Jenny Lee (11)JENNY-LEE-(11)


Jinwoo Kim (10)JINWOO-KIM-(10)


Jiwon Chung (10)JIWON-CHUNG-(10)

Sarah Jung (9)SARAH-JUNG-(9)




Wonjai Lee (10)WONJAI-LEE-(10)


Claire Kim is currently a senior and the editor in chief for the online version of Tiger Times. She was born on August 17, 1999, and is 16 years old. At school, she enjoys taking part in her classes. Outside of school, she relieves her stress by playing tennis and listening to music. This year, she is in the varsity girls tennis team. In addition, she enjoys debating and watching movies. She is really excited to be part of the Tiger Times staff again this year! Contact:

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