The bully of the playground

A new conservative monster is born; he is the best candidate; he is illegitimate; he won fair and square; he must be gotten rid of; he is the chosen one. Despite the fact that it sounds more like a discussion over a character in a… Keep Reading


HSSC executive candidates prepare for another run

It is that time of the year. While the majority of the students are busy preparing for upcoming tests and project presentations, another small portion of the students seems to be “busy” in another way. The HSSC executive candidates are yet preparing for another ambitious… Keep Reading


Soccer season: shooting starts

Throughout the school year, a range of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors go through a tough and competitive tryout for a limited number of positions in the varsity team. Following the rigorous tryout process, the players practice everyday except on Mondays, preparing for future games… Keep Reading

School News

Upcoming Executive Elections

As the school year is coming to an end, the call for the high school student council executive elections has arrived. With senior members David Choe (12), executive President, Eric Song (12), Vice President, Jiwhan Moon (12), treasurer, and Grace Lee (12), public relations officer,… Keep Reading

Global News

Korean Presidential TV Debates affect voters

Months, sometimes years, leading up to presidential elections in democracies are filled with changing political ties and ambitious policies of each candidate. They are crucial times for candidates to appeal to voters that will ultimately determine the final result on election day. Unlike other elections… Keep Reading

US-China summit hidden away

Over the course of two days from April 6 to April 7, President Trump and President Xi Jinping, two leaders of the biggest economies in the world, met for the first time joining at President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. “I think it’s a very… Keep Reading

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