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Hey, everyone! Welcome back. Since the beginning of the new year, the past few months have been hectic yet exciting, […]

Hey, everyone! Welcome back. Since the beginning of the new year, the past few months have been hectic yet exciting, especially with the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games. With the bone-chilling wind finally drifting away, it seems like cherry blossoms will greet us very soon. Take a moment to breathe in the fresh springtime air, and unwind, listening to the songs of this month.

First is a mellow pop song by James Bay, Wild Love.

Wild Love – James Bay

The beginning starts with quiet guitar chords, creating the impression that the song will be tranquil and soft. Though the song isn’t as upbeat in comparison to other pop songs nowadays, it actually strays from the first impression with the unique introduction of electronic background music. The two polar opposite tunes match the lyrics, as Bay sings in the chorus of how he wants to give his significant other “wild love / the kind that never slows down.” The chorus gradually builds up with a choral group joining in the background to create a beautiful harmony with Bay’s voice. He continues to express his hidden feelings toward his love, singing of how he wants to “go where the lights burn low and [she’s] only [his].” By utilizing different elements to create a distinct sound, Bay gives a whole new meaning both love and pop songs, making it one of your favorite tunes to listen to this March for sure!

Next, a song capturing the importance of being true to oneself: In the Dark by Camila Cabello.

In the Dark – Camila Cabello

Though Camila Cabello is an artist best known for her love songs, In the Dark is a song that shatters all misconceptions of her musical talent. From the very beginning, she touches upon the idea of fears and worries, singing of how the recipient of the song understands the “blank stares, faithless / vampires at the same places” she encounters. Not only so, after revealing that even she feels such raw and sensitive emotions, she stresses the importance of being unafraid to be oneself by asking “why can’t you show me?” because she “can see you’re tired of the acting.” The positivity that she evokes through her lyrics is perfectly complemented with the rather upbeat tune of the song. Despite the fact that this song is heavier in meaning compared to her other songs, the tune is light and cheery, creating an optimistic ambiance that encourages discussion of fears and true identity. Make sure to listen to this song especially when you’re feeling doubtful of yourself — Cabello will help you understand that there’s no reason to fake a personality when there will always be people who love your true self.

Happy spring!

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