SOS: Bright side of global warming


Global warming itself is harmful; there’s no doubt about that. But the effect of global warming on human behavior has a positive impact on our environment.

Ever since 1993, when scientists from NASA predicted that all of the ice in the Arctic would melt by 2020, massive efforts have been made to alleviate global warming. The US government now spends $4 billion on global warming research every year. Thousands of organizations around the world, including Greenpeace and Global Roundtable on Climate Change, are trying to contribute to ameliorating the existing environmental problems. Teachers worldwide are educating their students on how to recycle and to conserve energy, so that students can also participate in alleviating global warming.

To destroy this notion would be foolish. In fact, if global warming were to stop, it would not be a bad idea to keep it a secret from the public. Then, we would be able to further our efforts to preserve our environment with the same urgency that we have right now. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, some people have recently posed a threat to this fantasy by arguing that global warming has stopped. This would be good news, if only it were true. Those who deny global warming hold two reasons for believing so, both of which are extremely flawed.

The first reason is that the Earth has recently been cooling down. According to Daily Mail, this is true; the global temperature has decreased by two degrees over the past decade. However, despite what some people think, this is not a result of our efforts. Rather, according to the Economic Times, such decrease comes from warm air being temporarily trapped in the ocean. The warm air will eventually rise up again and cause the global temperature to rise significantly.

The other reason held by those who deny global warming is that according to the Daily Mail, the coverage of the Arctic ice cap has increased by 29 percent over the past year. However, this evidence is merely a trickery of statistics. The only reason for which this significant increase was possible was that the previous year’s ice cap record was one of the lowest ever. “It’s more like getting a D- after getting an F on a test,” said Phil Plait in his article, “No, the World Isn’t Cooling.”

But there is a bigger problem. This misled belief of “global cooling” also affects our progress in the battle against global warming. As we are rendered blind by the illusion that global warming has stopped, we are encouraged to breathe a sigh of relief and believe that we can stop caring about our environment so dearly. The consequences of this complacency will be dire, as global warming is obviously not over yet.

There will always be people who oppose and deny the inconvenient truth, just like those who deny that the Holocaust happened. But unlike the Holocaust, global warming is an ongoing issue, which makes it even more crucial for people to be informed about the truth. By informing people, we must aim to stop the spread of the false notion of global cooling. It doesn’t take a scientist to predict that our world is doomed if we remain ignorant of the truth.


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Eric Song is a junior and a copy editor of Tiger Times Online. He is also the co-author of "Save Our Society," a column that seeks to expose various environmental and socioeconomic issues lurking beneath the surface in today's society. Outside of school, he dedicates his time to staying in shape and loving life.

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