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Diversity receives spotlight at the Emmy Awards

  On Sept. 18, the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards were held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate and recognize the work of television actors, actresses, and more. In contrast to the recent controversy surrounding the Oscars, the Emmy Awards were highly recognized… Keep Reading


When refugees come to our own shores

During the time of the Korean War, thousands of refugees fled overseas to countries in the Middle East that opened their borders for our misfortunate citizens. Half a century later, tables have flipped and Syria, with their continued internal turmoil, has become a country in… Keep Reading


Movie Review: The Age of Shadows

Among the several Korean movies released this year that dealt with the Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1945, The Age of Shadows, released on Sept. 7, stands out amongst them all. With its unique focus on the secret spy interaction between the South Korean resistance… Keep Reading


Want some “Fall” in your drinks?

A myriad of coffee shops along the sidewalk are busy changing their menu platforms. Workers scurry in and out, briskly sprinkling maple leaves all over and tinting their stores from cool shades of blue to gentle flames of orange and yellow. Bottles of bright blue… Keep Reading


A defense of journalism, maybe

Frankly, I am tired of typing the number 2016 in my articles. I imagine this is how writers felt last year, the year before, a century ago; there always seems to be a need to qualify a statement with the year it happened, as if… Keep Reading

Fall Sports/Sports

Cross Country: Small Team, Big Feats

On Sept. 7 at Yongsan International School of Seoul, the cross-country team sprinted across the finish line for the second time marking the end to another five-kilometer race. The team has already set new records, with returning members continuously improving and new members displaying much… Keep Reading


Highlights: Korea marks 20th place in Paralympics

Marking a significant improvement from the 2012 London Paralympics, a series of international contests for athletes with disabilities along summer and winter Olympics, the South Korean Paralympics team this year gained national attention by bringing back 35 medals. A total of 139 Korean athletes participated… Keep Reading

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