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HSSC strives to improve senior privileges

As the deadline for regular common applications approach, the high school student council (HSSC) is making efforts to improve senior privileges. Although many of their attempts have been deemed unsuccessful so far, the student body representatives are still in the process of finding ways to… Keep Reading

News/School News

KAIAC chess tournament: Check out these mates

On Nov. 12, SIS hosted an annual KAIAC Chess tournament against four schools. This year, a total of 26 players attended the event, a significant rise from last year’s 23 players. Specifically, SIS sent eight varsity, eight junior varsity, and nine elementary players from which… Keep Reading

News/School News

Personality Profile: Dharma and Jessica Langham

“You put the ‘international’ in Seoul International School!” The handful of ethnically foreign students at SIS often hear this from the Korean students—if it can even be called a joke anymore, because it has become a mere retelling of the facts. With every new foreign… Keep Reading

Fall Sports/Sports

Cross Country: Small Team, Big Feats

On Sept. 7 at Yongsan International School of Seoul, the cross-country team sprinted across the finish line for the second time marking the end to another five-kilometer race. The team has already set new records, with returning members continuously improving and new members displaying much… Keep Reading


Highlights: Korea marks 20th place in Paralympics

Marking a significant improvement from the 2012 London Paralympics, a series of international contests for athletes with disabilities along summer and winter Olympics, the South Korean Paralympics team this year gained national attention by bringing back 35 medals. A total of 139 Korean athletes participated… Keep Reading

News/School News

New construction designed to aid student learning

The beginning of the year has begun with students returning to the school facilities. Dr. James Gerhard, high school principal, has brought many noticeable adjustments to the environment such as the new bell schedule and facility changes for the 2016-2017 school year. According to Eun-ji… Keep Reading

Global News/News/Save Our Society

What money cannot buy

By Eric Song and Daniel Shin As the world wakes up, ready for another day of work, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” (using an account publicly managed by adolescents around the world) post pictures from yet another night of opulent partying and drinking—yes, they are… Keep Reading

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