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Stranger Things gets a little stranger


Having first aired on July 16, 2016, season one of “Stranger Things” was a big hit. The show is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983, and revolves around the mystery of the disappearance of 12-year-old Will Byers amongst his family, friends, and the local authorities. In search of Will, the small town discovers secrets they wish they never knew. After safely discovering Will, the town tries to cope to the changes the small town went through and figure out the emotional change Will Byers encounters. The community is still posed with the threat of the Upside Down world, an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world and its blood sucking Demogorgons.

“I binge watched the entirety of the second season in one day,” said Curtis Lee (11), a fan of “Stranger Things”. “Because the cliffhanger at the end of season one was so dramatic, I was so excited to watch the next season. What I like most about this show is that it is very different from the current airing shows. The show incorporates realistic computer graphics. The radioactive flakes that differentiates the Upside Down dimension and the real world as well as the Demogorgons create a good ”

Some critics have stated that the first season of “Stranger Things” had a unique twist, especially compared to the other shows that were airing at that time. Presented as a quiet town without any crimes, Hawkins encounters people disappearing and top secret government information. According to Business Insider, the show did a great job in portraying the era in which it is set, and still maintained today’s prestige television. Not only did critics highly praise the show, the audience complimented the plotline that seemed like a mix between E.T., Super 8, X-Files, and other popular supernatural science-fictions shows.

“The entire series is amazing,” said Sarah Jung (11), a member of Media club. “I do not really like watching American shows, but I really enjoyed watching ‘Stranger Things.’ It is a new kind of storyline, which is why I think captures the audience even more.

After ending the last episode of season one on a major cliffhanger, viewers were excited to see the “complete” abolishment of the Upside Down. The season ended where the characters believed the other dimension was completely gone, until it was later revealed to the audience that this was not the case. Unlike the plotline of season one, the main characters try to cope to the changes the small town went through and figure out what is wrong with Will Byers.

“I think this show is perfect for people who love mysteries or sci-fi,” said Jenny Oh (10), a fan of “Stranger Things”. “I love the tension that builds up during the show. Since the episodes always end on a cliffhanger, it makes me want to keep on watching, ultimately making me binge watch. I’m really excited for season three, especially because I do not know what other plotline there could possibly be.”

All in all, the science-fiction show creates a thrilling and nerve wracking atmosphere for the audience as they anticipate what is to come next, never failing to keep up with the viewers’ expectations. Despite the fact that season two did not have a big cliffhanger as it did in season one at the end of the season, critics and fans are nonetheless excited for the release of season three next year.