Soomin’s Search for Stars!


It’s finally December. The past few months have flown by, and soon enough, most of us will be celebrating with friends and family underneath the Christmas tree. However, before winter break begins comes the last stretch of the semester — also known as a seemingly endless number of tests, projects, and, of course, exams. Don’t worry! I brought with me two songs perfect for not only the stressful next few weeks but also the Christmas season.

First is a Christmas pop song by Ariana Grande, Winter Things.

Snowman – Sia

From the very beginning, this song is different from other traditional Christmas songs. Rather than starting off the song with chiming bells and harmoniously joined voices, Snowman begins with piano chords. Though the tune of the piano makes the song seem very peaceful, the melody is actually one that masks the rather chilling meaning behind the lyrics. During the first verse,  Sia sings as “Mrs. Snow” and pleas Snowman to stop crying because “a puddle of water can’t hold me close”, referring to how snowmen melt when in the sun for an extended amount of time. In addition, the combination of calming piano chords and her voice creates an eerie mood, and by presenting herself as a snowman singing about her husband, Sia gives a whole new meaning to Christmas carols, making it one of your favorite Christmas tunes to listen to this December for sure!


Next, a song reminding all Tigers to never lose hope: So Much More Than This by Grace VanderWaal.

 So Much More Than This – Grace VanderWaal

With guitar chords setting up an optimistic ambiance in the background, Grace VanderWaal’s sweet yet powerful voice after a few bars into the start of the song is a great addition. She reminds the listeners of how it “doesn’t matter how your hair looks or what they are thinking” and encourages them to “tap your foot and listen in / Ignore the world, let the music cave in.” The positivity she evokes through her lyrics is perfectly complemented with the simplistic nature of the song — throughout the whole of the three minutes, the song consists of just simple guitar chords and her voice. Avoiding the embellishment of the song through effects such as autotune allows VanderWaal to emphasize the meaning behind her lyrics, inspiring her listeners to stay hopeful and focus on “just what we are finding.”


Great job everyone for successfully finishing the first semester, and I hope everyone has an amazing, restful break! 🙂


  • Soomin