FIDM sponsors SIS Fashion Club


As the school year approaches its much-awaited end with more spots open for new clubs the next school year, the Fashion Club has been launched as an official club for students interested in fashion and publications. Led by Hailey Kim (11), Jio Jeong (11), and Angela Kim (11), the club strives to provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests in fashion and design.

“Since SIS students are interested in clothes and fashions, and are always well dressed, this club serves as a great opportunity to learn more about fashion and design, even perhaps to design themselves,” said Ms. Ghadimi, advisor of the club. “I think this type of club is cool because it is new, and the council seems really passionate about it. Fashion is essentially art, and learning about art and developing sensibility is who we are.”

Sponsored by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), a fashion school in Los Angeles, the Fashion Club has over 800 member schools worldwide. At SIS, FIDM will serve as the art and crafts branch of the Fashion Club, whereas the Seoul Fashion Society will function as the publications branch of the club. Main activities of the club include hosting workshops and DIYs, researching and sketching the latest fashion trends, attending fashion shows inside and outside of school, inviting guest speakers from the fashion industry, holding fundraisers, planning research field trips.

“Fashion itself is a unique subject that has to be discussed in some manner, and even though most people in SIS have outstanding fashion and business skills, they are unable to show this talent because there are no opportunities,” Hailey Kim (11) said. “This club will provide students that are interested and talented in fashion, a broader field to express their ideas and capabilities.”

Fashion Club is set in collaboration with a high-end, recognized organization and is supplied with a fashion starter kit that can help enhance and hasten the club’s activity process. Since this club allows its members to explore the fashion industry, members have the opportunity to find their specialized niche within the club.

“I hope that the club becomes an outlet where not only people who are obviously passionate about fashion get to explore new and exciting things, but also where people interested in fashion get to find themselves and gain confidence in what ever they feel is right for them,” said Jessica Langham (11), club member.