“Avengers: Infinity War” leaves audience wanting more


“Avengers: Infinity War” is now the fifth highest grossing movie of all time. After its worldwide release, the Marvel superhero movie experienced an enormous boom in the international market as it presents an unexpected storyline to the audience. In just this past month, thousands of Chinese as well as Korean viewers headed to the cinema to enjoy scenes displaying an aggregate of numerous Marvel characters, including warriors from “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Avengers,” “Black Panther,” and “Doctor Strange,” cooperating to annihilate the despicable, yet oddly pitiful, antagonist Thanos.

“Infinity War” is the largest-scale movie that Marvel has ever produced, piecing together various Marvel characters—ranging from the Guardians of the Galaxy squadron to the Avengers crew—from different galaxies and planets. From the start of the movie, the audience is able to grasp that Thanos is a villain like no other. He possesses a power so colossal that he is capable of universal destruction. Against this formidable figure stand 40 Marvel superheroes, who unite to murder the genocide machine Thanos.

Interestingly, “Infinity War” differs from all the other Avengers series in that the audience is able to look into the villain’s inner emotions. When Thanos learns that he needs to sacrifice his loved one to gain more power, he starts shedding tears, highlighting Thanos’ feelings as a character. The collection of superheroes, coupled with Marvel’s focus on different aspects of the film, has garnered much attention from the general public.

Nevertheless, in contrast to the popularity that “Infinity War” is gathering, after watching the movie, many have conflicting views predominantly considering the film’s conclusion. Unlike most Marvel films, “Infinity War” ends on a note of despair. Rather than concluding with the Avengers’ victory, Marvel chooses to end with the villain’s obliteration of half of the universe, including several Avengers soldiers themselves. The movie’s final scenes have left many disappointed and perplexed about the purpose of the film.

“After watching the movie, I did not leave my seat in the cinema for a couple of minutes, confused,” said Amy Kim (10), an avid moviegoer. “I was really disappointed in the ending. It just ruined the entire movie.”

Meanwhile, others find the film to be the most intriguing version out of the Avengers series, claiming that the unique concept of “Infinity War” is what makes the movie truly shine. Moreover, many are fascinated at the amazing movie quality that Marvel has accompanied in the new film.

“The fact that Marvel combined all of the superheroes from different films is what makes ‘Infinity War’ so interesting,” said Hannah Kim (10), a passionate fan of Marvel. “I enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the stunning computer graphics that this film has displayed and the various interactions between superheroes of different planets.”

Regardless of the different perspectives on the movie, most people reach similar conclusions after watching the film. As a result of the amazing cinematic features and graphics that Marvel displays for every single superhero movie, many are thrilled for the sequel to be released and how it will contribute newly to the storyline of the superheroes.

“I am definitely sure that in the sequel, the Avengers soldiers will reappear to destruct Thanos once and for all,” Amy said. “We’re all anxious to see the end.”