“Deadpool 2” surpasses its predecessor

“Deadpool 2” surpasses its predecessor

Marvel has been keeping its fan base on its toes for the long-awaited sequel to the successful “Deadpool” franchise. Since its previous acclaim, “Deadpool” has received a lot of positive reviews for its witty techniques used to break the fourth wall and have a nuanced interaction with the viewers. For the sequel, the creators were able to effectively bring that spark and make it even better for the second film.

Though I will try my best not to spoil any significant parts of the film, I will say this much: you will not be disappointed. Whether you are an avid Marvel fan or you did not even know of “Deadpool” series prior, it will be worth your time. Some of the jokes that are included in the dialogue may go over your head, as a few do make subtle references to other films and characters that are connected to the “Deadpool” universe (Wolverine, S.H.E.I.L.D., etc.), taking advantage of the difficult but effective “breaking the fourth wall” technique. However, those details will not steer you away from being entertained throughout the entire movie.

Compared to the first “Deadpool” movie, it is obvious that the sequel offers a new perspective into the main protagonist Wade Wilson. Although he is somewhat the same witty character that I met in the first film, different experiences elucidated and depicted throughout the sequel have clearly changed Wade for better or for worse. In a matter of two hours, I was able to see Wade in several predicaments. The ways in which he handles such situations show how much he has grown through the human/super- hero experience and the dynamics of his character. Through this development, I was also able to see how he is able to maintain – or destroy – both new and old relationships as he confronts characters such as Cable, a time-traveling soldier from the future, or Russell, an adolescent mutant.

Not only is this movie able to better portray the characters, but the film’s subtle addition of LGBTQ+ characters and people of color also immediately caught my eye. In no shape or form is Marvel Entertainment now aspiring to be an influential social justice warrior in order to push controversial issues down our throats. However, the way in which the film is able to include a variety of people to further promote representation in the cinematic world is important to recognize.

“I think that ‘Deadpool 2’ did a really good job of skillfully incorporating the LGBTQ+ community into the movie without trying to excessively display that they are including them,” says Ian Dongwhee Choi (11), a long-time Marvel fanatic. “I believe that LGBTQ+ couples should be treated the same as straight couples in order to be fully integrated and accurately represented, and I believe that ‘Deadpool 2’ was successful in doing that.”

With all things considered, “Deadpool 2” will definitely not be going down in the list of “terrible sequels that should have never happened,” as the magic of the first film still lives, and the second film is able to simultaneously bring in a fascinating aspect to introduce new characters and perspectives. Overall, Marvel Entertainment does not fail in captivating both new and old fans this year, and I do not anticipate it to anytime soon.