News Brief


Buddy Bench to promote friendships in MS
The Buddy Bench welcomes students that are alone and do not have people to engage with at the moment. If a student is seen sitting on the bench, other students are encouraged to walk up and talk with them. Created in York, Pennsylvania in 2013, this system was first implemented at SIS during elementary school recesses on May 25. The bench was funded by the HS GIN club and designed and painted by the students of the MS GIN elective.

“The Buddy Bench is a great way to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship during recess time,” said Christina Demers, elementary and middle school counselor. “It can help spread the message of inclusion and kindness to students. In schools where the bench has been used, it has been successful when kids are educated on how to use it—it fosters kindness and builds friendships—but kids need to know the purpose and the correct way to use it.”

Sports Banquet celebrates end of school season
On May 23, all varsity athletes gathered in the auditorium for the annual SIS Sports Banquet. The banquet marked the senior athletes’ last meeting with their respective teams. Staying true to tradition, each varsity team presented a team video that represented the efforts and achievements of the season along with bittersweet farewells to the senior athletes and departing coaches. Photos were taken throughout the event, and many words of gratitude were exchanged.

“The sports banquet offered a chance for all the athletes to express their gratitude for the seniors, and the team videos really showed that,” said Joe Kim (11), captain of the varsity crosscountry team. “However, there was surprisingly low attendance at the event, probably because of upcoming exams. Next year, I hope that the sports banquet will not be held so close to exam season.”

Staff and students prepare graduation
With the year coming to a close, the 41st annual SIS graduation ceremony was an immense success: underclassmen delivered bouquets to their favorite upperclassmen, the Ambassadors choir performed spectacularly, and everyone said their final goodbyes to the class of 2018. Along with speeches from the administrative staff, members of the senior class were invited to reflect on their time at SIS. Valedictorian Nicholas Kim (12) and salutatorian Andrew Ham (12) both gave speeches on the big day. On May 25, students were dismissed at 12 p.m., and those planning to attend graduation looked forward to one of the most memorable moments of their high school experience.

“Graduation was a mixture of emotions for me. I felt happy for my senior friends to embark on their next journey, but at the same time I was heartbroken to see them leave,” said Katherine Kim (11). “It was a great way to honor their achievements throughout their high school career, and I wish them the best of luck!”