Family Fun Day postponement affects club fundraising


On Sept. 11, parents and administrative staff at SIS made the decision to postpone Family Fun Day to April 20, 2019. Shortly after, on Sept. 14, Michael Colaianni, Director of Schools, issued a parent letter that officially announced the postponement. In response to the announcement, the high school clubs that are hosting the event began preparing and making adjustments for the intended and unintended effects.

“I was taken by surprise when it was announced that Family Fun Day would be postponed,” said Eric Hwang (11), chess club treasurer. “After receiving the news, I began to think of different ways the chess club could raise funds in the absence of Family Fun Day. We will most likely start planning and preparing for the transition to food sales and other forms of fundraising.”

In previous years, Family Fun Day opened up opportunities for new club members to get to know older members as they worked shifts at various booths. However, as a result of the postponement, clubs are looking for different ways to allow more interaction between club members. Many clubs hope that, by having the event toward the end of the year, there will be more time to form stronger relationships between members and result in a more successful hosting.

“The postponement of Family Fun Day is definitely concerning for most clubs; however, Kaleidoscope is an exception because we rarely need money to run the club,” said Yoon Lim (12), Kaleidoscope Editor-in-Chief. “What we are missing out on is the social experience. Family Fun Day used to be an icebreaker for members to get to know each other, and since we don’t have that icebreaker anymore, executives need to try harder to untie the club through various other ways, hopefully allowing for a more successful event at the end of the year.”

Underclassmen are also expected to see greater leadership roles during Family Fun Day as a result of the postponement. Due to the close proximity of AP exams, SAT tests, and college announcements, upperclassmen will be much busier in the days leading up to and following Family Fun Day. As a result, underclassmen may have a greater burden to carry, giving them more experience to help lead the club the next school year.

“Late April is a busy time for the upperclassmen at SIS, and underclassmen will definitely have expanded roles during Family Fun Day,” said James Gerhard, High School Principal. “Underclassmen will be able to build more leadership experience through Family Fun Day and prepare themselves for leadership positions in the future.”