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Practice makes perfect: quiz team strives for success


The Quiz club has been holding practice sessions to prepare students for upcoming competitions. From academic subjects to pop culture references such as movie titles, quiz bowls cover an extensive range of disciplines. Because students can pursue their interests in certain areas while collaborating with others, the diverse nature of quiz bowls is among the primary reasons that students are attracted to the club. The team is comprised of nine members who convene regularly during office hours to hone both individual and cooperative skills.

“I decided to join the Quiz club because the idea of answering questions as quickly as possible was appealing to me,” said Michelle Chang (10), club member. “Quiz is all about speed and teamwork, which fosters a healthy, competitive atmosphere. I chose to participate in this club mostly because I wanted to have fun.”

Designed to guide the team to victory in various competitions involving teams from international schools, the club aims to help the members widen their breadth of knowledge and improve spontaneity. Every meeting, they practice answering questions in a simulated competition setting. The members are currently focused on preparing for an upcoming friendly match scheduled to take place at SFS in February.

“As of now, we are solving National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) packets, which contain official quiz team problems from the U.S.,” said Christopher Shin (11), club member. “Through this method, we are becoming familiarized with the type of questions that are usually asked in quiz competitions.”

Following several friendly matches with SFS and KIS in February, the first tournament will take place at SFS in March. This process, however, is only a step toward the team’s ultimate goal: participating in the international quiz bowls. By attending such events, the members hope to make new connections and gain recognition for their accomplishments.

“Quiz is a growing phenomenon in Korea right now,” said Ms. Alden, Quiz club advisor. “Thanks to this trend, students have access to numerous opportunities to engage in friendly matches, local competitions, and even tournaments abroad. Overall, I believe that such experiences are intended to be fun and cooperative. The future of quiz seems extremely promising.”