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Student council launches successful Spirit Week


To mark the start of the final quarter and the end of spring break, the High School Student Council (HSSC) organized a special week with fun dress codes and activities to help high school students return to school on an exciting note. The HSSC promoted this event through social media platforms during various times for more student and teacher participation.

“We wanted to visually appeal to the students and staff members of SIS,” said Katherine Suk (9). “In order to reach as many individuals as possible, potentially for a higher participation rate, we leaned towards mainly using SNS platforms to upload posters and reminders. We also made PA announcements every morning to celebrate the day and again remind the students and faculty of the theme for the next day.”

With numerous brainstorming sessions and discussions, HSSC finalized the line-up of Spirit Week with April Fool’s Monday, Pajama Tuesday, Spirit Wednesday, Teacher-Student Switcharoo Thursday, and Jocks vs. Nerds Friday. Along with KAIAC Kickoff and the spring season pep rally which both happened on Spirit Wednesday, the student council advocated for a “blackout,” with students wearing all black. Such initiative was made to help unify students and raise tiger spirit.

“All of the days were fun, but Tuesday was definitely my favorite,” said Kristina Hyunseo Kim (11) “It felt so comfortable having to wake up not contemplating for 20 minutes trying to choose an outfit. I could sleep in for the first time in a while and also felt cozy and comfortable the whole day. However, because of how comfortable I was, it was a struggle for me to stay energetic and avoid falling asleep during classes.”

As students took pictures with their friends dressed up in their attire, HSSC strongly encouraged students to post those pictures on Instagram either as a post or a story with the HSSC account tagged so that they can repost and share the picture with the rest of the school.

“Overall I thought spirit week was successful,” said Kendall Sadler, HSSC advisor. “In terms of Instagram, I can’t say that the hash tags were successful but we got more positive feedback from the administration and more participation than usual. Dr. Gerhard even emailed me after KAIAC Kickoff of how well the event was and how hard people were working.”

As this time of year is a fairly stressful season with students heavily burdened with AP preparation and summative assessments, the spirit week provided a sense of relief to the students. Along with the line of activities hosted by HSSC and Tiger Sports Council this year, students are hoping that the spirit week next year will be as exciting.