Graduation trip with friends



Eager to enjoy their last Spring Break in high school, Ben Kim, Kibum Kwon, Isaac Lee, Haanbi Kim, Brian Chun, and Taehoon Kim (12) hopped on a KTX train headed to Busan. They stayed there for two nights and three days, taking in the countryside culture of South Korea. This group of seniors explored the Gamcheon Culture Village, the traditional food market, Gukje Market, as well as Haeundae Beach. According to Taehoon, the weather was warmer than Seoul and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, giving it the perfect atmosphere for a late night picnic outside. Additionally, because it was during the time where Korean students had school, there weren’t that many tourists, allowing them to leisurely walk around while taking in the countryside.

“Even though I went to Busan before, it was the first time going with only my friends,” Ben said. “While we were planning this trip, I was worried we were going to fight, leading to a not-so-memorable trip, but the exact opposite happened. All of us got along well, and I’ve made some memories with my friends that I’ll never forget.”

[JAPAN] Osaka

A group of girls – Hannah Kim, Sunhee Bae, Junie Kah, and Bonny Minn – went on a trip to Osaka, Japan for four days and three nights. They went when the weather was sunny and warm, without any microparticles, making way for a clear, blue sky. The girls were not hesitant to explore Japan. They went to Kyoto to see Japanese shrines and temples, went on a river cruise tour, rode a Ferris wheel, and shopped in Osaka. Another important aspect of their trip was a lot of green tea as they ate a lot of green tea flavored desserts and drinks.

“I realized that family trips are planned and prepaid by our parents,” Bonny said. “When you are with your friends, you have to be responsible economically. The trip was rather inconvenient, but I would say it was a good experience. I would recommend everyone to try it once in their lifetime to understand the thought process in order to make the best decisions. Otherwise, it was a very memorable trip, and I would love to go again to not only create more memories, but to make better decisions.”


The seniors in HSSC went on a domestic trip to Jeju Island, Amy Kim, Jangho Yun, Minsung Kim, Yeji Chun, Junie Kah, and William Seo and made the best out of the trip. They all rented ATVs and rode them to the Osulloc Tea Museum and the beach, making the best out of the transportation as well as the event itself. Other than the museums, HSSC ate traditional meals of Jeju Island such as the Jeju black pig and tons of fresh seafood meals. Other than the delicious food and museums, the students went for a more relaxed themed trip, resting in the hotel rooms while playing card and board games.

“The weather was perfect during the trip,” Yeji said. “It was warm enough for us to walk around with just a t-shirt. Other than the weather, I loved the idea of going on a trip with the seniors in the HSSC. I created unforgettable memories with students that I have recently gotten close to due to HSSC, making the hard work and effort worth it. I hope later on I can visit Jeju or perhaps another place with the same people.”