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Teachers, students enjoy their summers in diverse ways


June 12 officially marked the beginning of SIS’s summer vacation. For some, the summer meant a relaxing long break from the school year for traveling; for others, it served as an invaluable time to pursue their career interests in the outside world. From spending time with family members to pursuing job opportunities, SIS students and teachers made the best of their summers.

“I had a wonderful time with my family,” said Mrs. Allyson Lee, science teacher. “My mother came to Korea, so I took her around Seoul for sightseeing. We also spent some time in Japan, where we visited traditional palaces, aquariums, and Lego land. We enjoyed our time at Dotonbori, a popular tourist site in Osaka known for its characteristic neon lights and delicious restaurants.”

Likewise, Mrs. Kimberley Tessa Alden had quality time with her family. Rather than visiting urban areas, however, Mrs. Alden and her family dedicated a significant portion of their summer outdoors. In particular, they enjoyed the sheer beauty of nature in its unadorned form on their way to Alaska.

“The most remarkable part of my summer was the road trip I took with my family along the West Coast from Seattle to Alaska,” said Mrs. Alden, English teacher. “We tented most of the time and visited various towns as well as interactive natural history museums. We also went on some beautiful hikes and appreciated the breathtaking scenery of the Canadian wilderness.”

While many teachers enjoyed their travels abroad, students found other ways to spend their summers. Some dedicated the majority of their time to professional summer jobs. For instance, Ashley Kim (12) got some work experience as a Korean-English translator at a hospital in Korea.

“Besides drafting college application essays and getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night, I worked at a local plastic surgery hospital,” said Ashley. “Through this experience, I learned many valuable life skills, such as communicating with surgeons and patients effectively. I am glad I got to help out a lot of people.”

Whether they chose to travel to different parts of the world or to focus on managing academic and work responsibilities, teachers and students made their vacation meaningful and invigorating to keep themselves refreshed for a new school year at SIS.