Food review: Wang Thai


It is not common to taste authentic Thai food in Korea, but Wang Thai presents a rare opportunity to experience real Thailand cuisine within the boundaries of Seoul.

Adorned with traditional Thailand decorations that catch the eyes of the people that come in, Wang Thai is a popular Thai restaurant that is located on the streets of Itaewon. Although it is located on the second floor of a small building, it provides over 90 seats for customers, and is often crowded. There are also separate rooms provided for customers who visit in large groups, providing the best customer service and comfortable place where people could relish their meals. The moment I stepped into the restaurant, the fragrant scent of Thai spices was immediately noticeable.

The menu was organized in clear and easy categories: salad dishes, soups, seafood dishes, noodle dishes, and rice. Furthermore, there was also a separate list for Thai desserts, including drinks such as the “original” Thai milk tea and iced coffee. Out of the long list of appetizers, I ordered several representative and well-known plates of Thailand: Tom yum soup, Yum Woon sen, and pineapple fried rice.

Tom yum soup was the most impressive among my orders. The unique sour scent of this soup seemed to encaptivate my mouth before I even tasted it. Such aromas and tastes of this traditional soup of Thailand are not easy to follow. However, compared to other Thai restaurants, Wang Thai has balanced out the unique spicy and sour flavor well. Yum Woon sen, another popular salad plate in Thailand, was also very flavorful with its sweet and sour dressing and shrimp mixed with glass noodles. Furthermore, the pineapple fried rice was visually attractive since the fried rice was served in an actual and whole pineapple that was carved out for the rice to be placed in. The combination of sweet pineapples hidden in the fried rice was also a delicious experience.

Wang Thai was a satisfying Thai restaurant that caught the traditional and unique aspects of original Thai cuisine through both taste and visuals. As a fan of Thai food myself, Wang Thai is a great choice for many other lovers of this delicious cuisine.