Player 7 challenges other reality shows


On July 14, tvN launched a new reality show called “Player 7” to be broadcast every Sunday evening. Featuring seven popular entertainers, including comedian Lee Soo-geun and martial artist Kim Dong-hyun, this program challenges conventional reality shows by introducing a unique rule: ₩10,000 is deducted from a member’s salary every time he or she laughs. Every episode, members are given certain missions intended to create humorous scenarios, but they must remain calm and serious while executing them. Contrary to other reality programs that attempt to build a hilarious atmosphere by urging members to laugh, Player 7 intrigues the viewers with its creative way of providing entertainment.

“I enjoy watching this TV show especially since it is fun for me to watch entertainers from various genres collaborate with each other,” said John Lee (10), a regular viewer of Player 7. “These days, many TV shows present similar themes and casts, but this program feels unique. I find it interesting how the show does not force people to laugh unnaturally.”

While there are many factors that distinguish Player 7 from other TV shows, some major aspects that attract viewers are its parodies and featured guests. In episode one, the program imitated “Show Me the Money,” a Korean rap competition, and cast famous rappers from the original show. To evoke laughter, Player 7 intentionally juxtaposed the comedians’ novice rapping to that of the professional rappers. The audience reacted positively, encouraging more collaboration among celebrities of different genres.

“I love how Player 7 casts a variety of guests,” said Songyee Park (10), an avid fan of “Show Me the Money.” “I was glad to see some of the familiar faces from old TV shows who do not appear very often on TV nowadays. I also enjoy how the program presents similar settings from the original, bringing back old memories for the audience.”

While fulfilling their specific roles in a variety of scenarios like the rap competition, the members have to always keep in mind the primary rule of this TV show: to not laugh. Although the mission may seem simple, many members often fail to maintain a poker face. The audience finds the show especially entertaining when the cast members struggle to silently hold back their laughter. Many reviews praise the show’s distinctive way of creating humor, and some even ask for more programs that illustrate comical scenes naturally without producing fake reactions.

“I hope more programs like Player 7 will come out soon,” said Joshua Nam (11), supporter of Player 7. “Other TV shows should also attempt to challenge the traditional way of entertainment. These days, people are more attracted to programs that bring out fun from people’s natural reactions, like certain prank shows. I think Player 7 cleverly captures this and was brave enough to take a first step in the new entertainment field.”