Ms. Hu subs-in for Ms. Shelby upon maternity leave


On Oct. 14, Ms. Jinnie Hu began to sub-in for Ms. Shelby upon her maternity leave.
In addition to implementing the course syllabus, Ms. Hu is also working toward
establishing close connections with students in her Biology & Ecology 9 and
Anatomy & Physiology classes. By doing so, she aims to create an interactive and
effective learning environment in which students can openly ask questions and
communicate directly with the teacher.
“Based on my observations, the students are performing consistently well,” said Ms.
Hu. “They seem to be adjusting quite easily to my class, perhaps because I came in
for two weeks prior to subbing-in for Ms. Shelby. I am excited to teach these
individuals to my maximum potential. I hope that my passion for teaching comes
through to the students so that they feel enthusiastic about what they are learning.”