Son bursts out of slump


On Sept. 19, Son Heung-min triumphantly returned to South Korea after overcoming his slow start to the season, scoring his first three goals of the season.

“I think now that he has started his goal-scoring record for the season, we can expect great things from Son,” Donghyun Kim (12), avid varsity soccer player, said. “He is without a doubt one of Tottenham’s best players, and I know for a fact that he will once again become the man to rey on for future important matches.” 

After failing to score in Tottenham’s first six games, Son was benched for Tottenham’s clash against Leicester City.  Though he started off the season poorly, his sensational hat-trick against Leicester captivated the audience and saw him net three goals just within 13-minutes. 

His first goal was taken from outside the penalty box and perfectly slotted into the top right corner. After his goal, Son did not celebrate: instead, he stood still and breathed heavily as his teammates embraced him. He shot his next goal from the same area but curled it to the opposite side of the goal, and his final goal was a powerful strike that slid underneath the goalie’s arms. 

“It was an amazing feeling,” Son said after the game. “I couldn’t believe it. All the frustration and disappointment just went away. I couldn’t move so I stood still. Three lucky goals and I’m really proud.” 

“I think everyone knows Son is a talented, world-class player”, Andrew Nam (12), soccer fanatic, said. “He has managed to perform excellently season after season, and this is just the beginning of his 2022 season.”