MAΘ competes in PCMM


Chong Min (10) solves a PCMM question.

On April 18, the Mu Alpha Theta (MAΘ) competition team competed in Purple Comet! Math Meet (PCMM) competition after school.

PCMM is an online math competition where teams of up to six have 90 minutes to solve 30 questions. Since the test is online, teams need to submit their answers via an online form to get credit for the question. Teams can choose to start the 90-minute window any time during April 17-27.

“I liked how it was a team competition instead of just individual competition,” Allison Lee (11), PCMM competitor, said. “I enjoy discussing and solving problems with my teammates. It was a unique experience for all of us.”

Teams can participate in one of four categories: small school, large school, mixed school, and non-competitive teams. MAΘ competed for the small school category as SIS has less than 1200 students.

Results are expected to be out a couple days after the competition ends on April 27.

“Team competitions are the way a lot of the math competitions now are, “ Corrine Brown, Mu Alpha Theta advisor, said. “If you want to do an individual one you can sign up and do it on your own, but if it is going to be a team, then we need to get that organized, get the teams together, make sure we have enough members to do it, and form enough teams.”