September: PE Commentary

Eva: Welcome to the first episode of this year’s PE Sports Commentary! We are back to bring you more interviews with some of your favorite sports figures!

Patricia: Hello readers! We hope you all enjoyed summer as much as we did, especially with one of our favorite sporting events—the World Cup!

Eva: Speaking of which, this year’s World Cup was full of surprises, from Spain’s elimination  during the preliminaries to the biting incident. Join me in welcoming the center of publicity, our soccer superstar, Luis Suárez!

Suárez: Thank you for having me. It has been a rough month with the finalized ruling from the court, but I’m thankful to fans who have stuck with me through it all.

Patricia: The whole event definitely created a buzz. You decorated the headlines of newspapers, received unprecedented publicity and even earned a meme for yourself! What really happened at the moment?

Suárez: Frankly speaking, it was a spur-of-the-moment action. The incident should have been a foul for both players. I was elbowed in the face and my teeth were clearly weaker than his arm muscles, so in some respects, the harsh consequences upset me.

Eva: There have been conjectures that your immediate consequences were harsher than expected because this biting incident was your third since 2010.

Suárez: I have bitten players in the past; but as I already stated through social networking sites, I am sorry to my opponent, Giorgio Chiellini. The only thought that came to mind at the time was that we had to bypass the defenders, and I did what I usually would do in such a situation without much thought.

Patricia: Perhaps as a result of your apology and your loyal fans, we hear that the Court has finalized the ruling to a four-month ban with looser restrictions on practices and friendly games.

Suárez: Yes, that is great because I confirmed my transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona just a few days before the World Cup finals. Training with other top players of the team such as Lionel Messi and Neymar, will provide me with an amazing opportunity to learn and improve.

Eva: We cannot wait to see you back on the field and hope that you continue to receive love and attention!

Patricia: Without a doubt, we are thankful today for your visit!

Suárez: Always my pleasure.

Patricia, Eva: That concludes our PE Commentary for August! Good luck with your first month back, folks!