Returning teacher pursues passion in Asia

Previously known as Mr. Slapikas, Raymond Marangelo, high school math and science teacher, returned from Hong Kong to teach at SIS once more. Using his mother’s surname, Mr. Marangelo now seeks to develop his passion for yoga, which began nine years ago when he opened a book about yoga and its benefits to the body..

According to Mr. Marangelo, yoga is not something one can achieve through solely reading a book, article or essay about it. One must have a hands-on experience to reap all the benefits of yoga.

“There are so many benefits one can earn through yoga, which is why I want to spread yoga to a greater audience,” Mr. Marangelo said. “I have a lot of injuries in my body. The physical benefits of yoga are that it heals the injuries on my body. Also, it helps me to be more kind, peaceful and happier. I am just calmer and happier, in general, because of yoga.”

To continue his passion in Korea that he found nine years ago, Mr. Marangelo takes yoga lessons at Tao Yoga studio in Apgujeong Rodeo. While doing so, Mr. Marangelo wishes to make his own yoga studio in the future to share his knowledge regarding yoga techniques and skills.

“I want to spread happiness and [virtue] by opening a yoga studio,” Mr. Marangelo said. “I want to make the world a better place with yoga.”