Tri-M look forward to expand through new outreach projects

Creating melodic harmony with their musical instruments and  combining their various talents, Tri-M members use music to reach out to  their audience. On Sept. 25 during activity period, Tri-M performed its monthyly Just 4 U concert, inviting students to hang out and enjoy music in the atrium.

“The concert definitely brings more energy to the tired SIS students and teachers,” said Debora Kim (11), Tri-M President-elect. “We just wanted to create a casual and fun atmosphere so that students can chill and relax in school. It is also a unique  opportunity for us to perform in a less formal way and attract more students by rapping and singing pop songs.”

Yet, the audience of Tri-M’s performances was not confined to school walls. On Sept. 26, Tri-M visited the orphanage, Raphael’s Home, to deliver its pieces to a broader range of people. As many of the children at the orphanage have impaired vision or mental disabilities, music served as a unique vehicle for the members in communicating with them.   

“I’m honored to be there watching the kids get so intrigued and excited by music,” said Yasmin Yoon (12), Tri-M Co-president. “Because they can’t fully visualize what they are hearing, the children reach out their hands as in an attempt to touch what they hear. Performing music for them is special because it’s one of the few things that bring color to their lives at the orphanage where there are so many needs with so little money.”

The Just 4 U concert and Tri-M’s outreach to the orphanage mark the beginning of Tri-M’s active engagement in both its school and local communities. According to Yasmin, Tri-M is planning to make the Just 4 U concert a monthly event and initiate a project in which members will teach elementary students to play instruments. By establishing these activities as traditional events, Tri-M hopes to build a solid foundation and become more popular, as it is only its second year as an official club.

“I’m really excited about all the progress that is being made in Tri-M,” said Kiup Lee (12), Tri-M member. “The concert usually draws the underclassmen, but by making it monthly, people will start to expect it  and hopefully attract upperclassmen too. As for the tutor project, I want the kids to develop an interest in music since young age and cultivate musical hobbies.”