HSSC’s monopolization of food sales during break unjustified

With recent events, such as the school store selling food during office hours, the HSSC has raised concerns about food sales during office hours. According to Jarret Lambie, high school principal, there is an understanding that Cartnivore has a monopoly over food sales during office hours because it needs to fund student events. However, several clubs have disregarded this tradition because of their need to raise funds. With that in mind, HSSC’s monopolization of selling goods is not justified because invalidating the tradition will rather bring about cheaper and a greater variety of goods, benefitting the student body.

Each club, especially ones affiliated to NGOs, needs to fund projects for their respective cause. Therefore, it is imperative that each club has the opportunity to raise funds. Currently, clubs are not allowed to sell food during office hours and therefore, most students have no choice but to use the Cartnivore. In addition, Cartnivore’s prices, on average, are more expensive than the suggested retail price. Yet, if the tradition is disregarded, HSSC will be forced to compete with other clubs. In order to remain competitive, they will decrease their prices, benefitting the student body as students inevitably have the desire to save money.

Although the HSSC has to raise money to fund for events such as Snowball, clubs selling goods will benefit the student body. As clubs are introduced to the competition, they will need to think of more original ideas for the goods they can sell. Therefore, a greater variety of goods will be introduced to the students. For example, last year, the Youth Philanthropy Network (YPN) sold triangular kimbap during office hours. YPN is one example to address how the change in tradition could benefit the entire student body.

Therefore, the situation regarding the school store selling food should not be a problem. HSSC should not monopolize food sales during office hours, and the school should try to enforce the idea of competition in order for clubs to earn much-needed money, as well as provide cheaper and a greater variety of food to the students. Thus, the administration should draft a new agreement, which permits the sale of foods during office hours in order to benefit the student body as a whole.