November: News Briefs


High school students teach middle school students science

To assist teachers who tutor middle school students, Science Club initiated the ‘Ketchup’ program on Oct. 22 to assist students with science-related assignments every Wednesday after school.

“I was glad to help young students with materials I would’ve struggled with when I was in eighth grade,” said Julie Hwang (10), Science Club member. “I wish I had the opportunity to participate in this program when I was young. It would have not only improved my grades but also helped me really understand the lesson.”

AP art students visit Leeum Museum and Gyeongbokgung

On Nov. 5, AP Art History, AP 2D Design and AP Drawing students went on a field trip to the Leeum Museum and Gyeongbokgung Palace. Through this trip, students were able to study contemporary art and Korean traditional architecture.

“I was really excited because I got to see Alberto Giacometti’s Grand Woman III,” said Jiwon Yoon (12), AP 2D Design and Art History student. “It was so much more gorgeous in person than I expected, and inspired me to start a new piece for my college portfolio. It was also interesting how many connections I could make between what I saw at the palace and architecture of the ancient Greek temples that we learned in class.”

Cultural Awareness Project aims to promote global perspective

Inspired by her graduate class’s project on France culture, Irene De Shazo, admissions administrator, initiated the Cultural Awareness Project to increase cultural appreciation among students. She invited SIS parents of Indian ethnicity on Nov. 12 to share the culture and language of their country with elementary school students. The activities included traditional Indian folk tales, Indian dances and Henna tattoos.

“We only have a sprinkling of diversity at SIS,” Ms. De Shazo said. “I wanted to highlight them, to affirm that even if the student body is not that diverse, they belong here.”

Tamara, P.E teacher, and Ivan Atanaskovic, athletics and activities coordinator, will share their Serbian culture in the next presentation in December. Ms. De Shazo hopes to extend the audience to high school students in the future.

Explaining chemical properties, Jeffrey Heo (9) tutors the middle school student after school.

Photo by Kelly Kim (11)