Green Club makes environmentally friendly Christmas ornaments


Photo by Jaewon Choi (12), Graphic by Eva Hong (11)

Decorating a Christmas tree with baubles and tinsels is a key tradition during the festive season. While people are merrily preparing for the upcoming season, they often forget that using these ornaments also has a toll on the environment, especially if they are thrown away without being reused. In order to reduce this impact, the Green Club has decided to make environmentally friendly Christmas ornaments for the second year in a row so that they can be displayed around the school to express holiday spirit.

“We folded ornaments out of old magazines last year,” said Bethany Ko (11), Green Club co-president. “We made really nice decorations, but it was difficult and time-consuming for members. This year, we decided to make it easier for everyone by making decorations from reused plastic bottles.”

According to Bethany, the greatest challenge the club faced was trying to make the ornaments look attractive, even though students made them from recycled plastic. As a result, they meticulously decorated their outsides with glitter glue. Afterwards, they adorned the Christmas tree located in the first floor of the Elementary School building.

“Since our school is really competitive, it is sometimes difficult to feel intimate and festive atmosphere,” Jeffrey Park (10) said. “A shared tradition, like [Green Club’s] decorations on a Christmas tree, gives our school a greater sense of community.”