Crackdown on proposed food cart items due to parents’ safety concerns unjustified

Popular snacks among students such as ramen, hot chocolate and coffee were among the new items the HSSC proposed to start selling on the Cartnivore, the HSSC food cart, Although this proposal stirred excitement among students, it induced controversy among many parents. Citing safety concerns, parents have not yet purchased the hot water dispenser requested by the student council, indefinitely suspending plans to add hot foods to the menu. However, as the concerns outlined in opposition to the addition of these foods are not as significant as portrayed, and since the student council should be representing the voices of the students, the junior council should be fully supported in its attempt to make Cartnivore more appealing to the student body.
Contrary to what many parents believe, students can be responsible for their own wellbeing and safety. Parents stated that students could easily burn themselves while transporting hot water. Although it is possible for students to burn themselves, most students are mature enough to take precautions when handling hot materials. In addition, the junior council could advocate for further precautions by posting signs that warn students of the dangers of handling hot water.
The junior council should be advocating the wishes of the student body, not of the parents. It is important that the food cart reflects the student body’s opinion. Especially when students have shown that they are responsible for taking care of themselves, parents’ intervention in the Cartnivore is unnecessary.
Ultimately, it is impossible to deny that certain safety risks do exist in adding hot foods to the Cartnivore. However, those risks can be minimized. Since students have the capability to moderate their safety, and because the student council should represent the wishes of the students, the stifling concern parents have expressed regarding the addition of hot foods is rather unnecessary.
In order to better represent the wishes of students, the student council could directly purchase their own hot water dispenser, instead of waiting for parents to purchase the dispenser for them. Such a solution would allow the student council to achieve its goal more efficiently and without as much external conflict.