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Junior council recovers from loss of income

The junior council made a profit of 730,000 won during the week of Thanksgiving when HSSC’s biggest food cart, Cartnivore Plus, sold slices of pumpkin pie for 2,000 won each during office hours from Nov. 25-26.  Prior to Nov. 25, however, the council was suffering from a loss of revenue due to a lack of customers at the food cart.

“We were basically broke,” said Alice Rhim (11), junior class secretary. “The food cart snacks weren’t selling. After we bought all the food to stock the food cart, we were not able to make much profit. Until we sold everything there, we weren’t going to get any profit, because the sales were just too slow. Thanks to the pumpkin pie sales, however, we aren’t broke any more.”

A loss of income would have hindered smooth management of prom, since the junior council uses all the money from Cartnivore to fund prom. The pumpkin pie sale was not so much a celebration of Thanksgiving as it was a means of gaining profits for HSSC. In order to attract customers, HSSC also distributed free granola bars that they got from the snacks left over from the Seoul Model United Nations conference, which SIS hosted earlier this November.

In order to continue increasing sales, HSSC plans to introduce new  additions to its menus. Snacks that may be available in the future include hot pockets and hot chocolate. According to Yoon Lee (11), junior class president, the junior council is assured that loss of revenue will not be a problem in the future.

“Kids eating at the school store food was definitely a problem,” Yoon said. “But based on our best guess, this probably has more to do with the fact that students were bored with the regular menu. After all, cheese balls can only fill a stomach for so long. We think as long as the junior council listens to the students, we will be able to continue to have customers at Cartnivore.”

In the past month, HSSC has also introduced and re-introduced different foods in the Food Cart. Although ramen was previously banned from the Food Cart due to health concerns, HSSC has been selling ramen again as of Dec. 2 every Wednesday and Friday. Breakfast sets have also been selling since the week of Nov. 17.

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