Soundboard app Keezy trendy with apparent disadvantages


Particularly popular these days are dubstep and electronic music, both of which
enable mixing and creating music without lyrics. Such popularity can be attributed to its creation processes, which do not require professional knowledge or extensive experience with music; rather, numerous user-friendly applications and devices enable novices to experiment with the music they enjoy listening to. Amongst these apps is Keezy, available on both the iPhone and Android, which provides an aesthetically pleasing and simple platform for beginners, but not without its drawbacks.

Keezy displays a set of eight distinctly colored squares that completely fill up the screen; the bright, neon colors of the square imitate the controllers and lights found at clubs. Each square is essentially a microphone that allows users to record whatever sound they want by holding down the square. Users can play back the recording and either delete or undo it. When they have a full set of squares ready to be played, users can start mashing by holding down different buttons to play the sounds they previously recorded. Keezy, therefore, is extremely simple and original; all of the sounds can be personalized because they must be recorded to be played.

Eight sound samples are enough to make unique beats, and the app itself is perfect for those who want to casually try playing different types of music with friends. The length of the recording does not matter either because it can last as long as one holds the button down. To make it easier for beginners who are not sure how to create their own soundboards, Keezy also provides free soundboards. For people who are more serious about making and mixing music, however, Keezy has drawbacks compared to other apps of this nature.

For instance, if one were to create music using the different buttons on Keezy, then he or she would have to use a separate recording program, for Keezy does not offer a built-in recorder. In addition, there is no way to save or edit the clips after one records them, making it inconvenient for users who want to make a full project from this app. For people who want to import different sounds to make more original creations, this app can be frustrating because it does not allow such functions.

The lack of variety that Keezy has can be disappointing for users who are looking for an in-depth experience with such music apps, but its simplicity can be an advantage. Even beginners will know how to operate the app as soon as they download it. For those who are willing to have fun at parties without pressure, this app can do the job.