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Michael Park, Class of ’07

Michael Park, class of 2007, majored in Economics at Swarthmore College and is currently working at BluEgg, a startup company that develops phone applications.

1. Why did you quit your job at WnW Capital Inc.?

Although I enjoyed working at WnW Capital and learned a lot, I left the company in New York because I was not compatible with the lifestyle I had to lead at Wall Street. I first considered attending graduate school [right after college], but I heard through other SIS alumni about the BluEgg application and decided to join. I still want to attend graduate school, though, and am preparing my graduate school application while working at BluEgg.

2. Can you describe your job at BluEgg?

BluEgg is a SNS-based company that aims to raise awareness about positive causes. Many people have good intentions but often do not know how to promote their ideas. Although companies allocate a great portion to supporting good causes, the majority of their budget goes to advertisement. Therefore, we wanted to address both individual and corporate problems conveniently to make a positive transformation. Although I am in charge of promoting BluEgg, the title means less in a start-up company. I end up doing promotions, market research, advertisement and client management.

3. How does this project influence students?

As long as you have a smartphone, you can be a part of this positive initiative.  Lighting up a post, similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, yields a certain amount of points. With the points, users can go to the “Exchange” function to make donations. For example, at the moment users have two options, they can exchange 30 Lights for a vitamin pill or 15 Lights for a pencil, which would all go to a child in need in a third world country through UNICEF.