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February: News Briefs


NKHR Speech Contest

Members of the North Korea Human Rights (NKHR) attended a speech contest organized by the company Freedom Factory, where 10 North Korean refugees gave speeches concerning human rights conditions in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The winners of the contest were originally supposed to attend the main event, but due to lack of participation, the main event was opened to all participants. NKHR will continue to open ties with the representative of Freedom Factory, Casey Lartigue.

Forensics Tournament

On Feb. 27, students in the Forensics team left for the Korean International School (KIS) to compete in the KAIAC Forensics tournament. Members of the Parliamentary Forum team included Daniel Shin (10) and Jaeha Kim (10), as well as Lucy Jung (10). The Parliamentary Forum section did not go due to issues with preparation, but the Lincoln-Douglass section did attend. Most of the awards went to KIS.

“The results were mediocre this time,” Matthew Kang (11) said. “It’s partially because of a lack of preparation and because of a lack of involvement this time. We are currently working on getting better results next time.”

Science Olympiad

The annual Science Olympiad took place on Feb. 28, where students competed in General Sciences, Chemistry, Physics or Biology. The Olympiad consisted of individual rankings as well as a group competition. Students from the SIS Science Club were able to take first, second, and third for the Chemistry division by Young Wook Park (11) and John Kim (11), and Jeffrey Heo (9) as well as first for the Physics division by Jungho Daniel Choi (11). SIS members also took first place for Biology by Nakyoung Diana Lee (9), third by Gina Kim (11), and second place for General Science by Hyunji Diana Kim (9).

“I had a great time at the Korea Science Olympiad,” Jeffrey said. “I appreciate the work of the Science Club and all my friends who were also there because I just went for fun because I didn’t expect win anything. It was all so surprising and weird and awesome.”