Play-by-play: Tigers win match against Chadwick


Having won all the previous games this season and bound to be undefeated once again, the varsity boys basketball team headed for a match against Chadwick International School on Jan. 21.

Quarter 1

Minutes into the quarter, the Tigers started pulling ahead with a score of 5-2, with David Choe (11) tipping off a layup and Lukas Kim (12) making one of the two free throws. The Dolphins quickly caught on, having its last layup of the quarter with two seconds remaining. The Tigers won the first quarter on a close note with a score of 12-11.

Quarter 2

The second quarter began with the Tigers’ lead as well. Michael Sun (12)’s layup as an offensive rebound, one of two free throws made, and Ryan Hwang (11)’s assist for an inside shot secured the score gap. Halfway into the quarter, the Tigers maintained a three-point lead through cooperative passes and streaks of shots. The Tigers’ lead came to a halt seven minutes into the quarter despite Joonhee Han (11)’s chase-down block and Kevin Shin (12)’s two full free throws. However, with consistent shots filling up the Dolphin’s three-point lead, the Tigers won the second quarter 28-22.

Quarter 3

Both teams started out neck-to-neck but with steady and successful layups, blocks, and free throws, the Tigers reached a double score (44-22) almost by the end of the third quarter. With Michael and Kevin each making a layup and David making four continuous layups throughout the quarter, the Tigers were able to maintain their lead. Showing a well-coordinated teamwork, Tigers ended the third quarter at 47-22.

Quarter 4

In the last quarter, the Tigers continued their lead, starting off with Cody Kim (12), Paul Lee (12), Paul Namkoong (11), Lukas, and Ryan. Although the Tigers missed several free throws and the Dolphins seemed to catch up through their successive shots, the score gap from the previous quarter proved difficult to recover. The Tigers quickly regained their play and made successive layups and shots to further the gap. Paul’s successful shoots were followed up by Ryan’s three pointers and several more points made by Brandon Ra (12), Kevin, and Michael, which eventually led to the Tigers’ win with a score of 67-33.


Although the game was closely matched in the first two quarters, the Tigers were able to outrun the Dolphins following the halftime through many well-directed shots, cooperative passing, and fast-paced layups.