Soomin2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

March is the month of new beginnings. The bone-chilling wind finally drifts away and the warm beams of sunlight wave hello. The blue sky holds the perfect number of cotton candy-like clouds, vibrant splashes of color bloom rapidly, and baby pink petals start to fall ever so gently by the end of the month. Fall into the rhythm of the petals with the three songs of this month, and just like always, take a few minutes to relax and indulge yourself in a world full of expression and creativity with our stars.

First is a mellow duet by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran, perfect for those searching for calmness in the midst of chaos.

I Was Made For Loving You Ft. Ed Sheeran – Tori Kelly

The harmonization of guitar chords in the beginning sets up the song beautifully. Tori Kelly’s voice soon follows to immediately captivate you: her husky, high-pitched vocals intertwines perfectly with the strumming of the guitar. She asks her special someone to “please don’t scar this young heart” and instead “just take my hand.” In the chorus, she continues to relay her feelings towards the one, admitting that “even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through,” what she is certain of is that she “was made for loving you.” Kelly receives a reply from Ed Sheeran, who assures her that he “won’t scar [her] young heart,” and that as long as she doesn’t let him go, they will be all right. This soft tune will leave you unconsciously hitting the replay button for hours long, drifting slowly into dreamland.

Second, a collaboration by PRIMARY, OHHYUK, and Lim Kim that will make you feel like you are cruising through a cool and calm ocean.

Gondry – PRIMARY, OHHYUK (feat. Lim Kim)

A collaboration between phenomenal producer Primary and two new hot vocalists Oh Hyuk and Lim Kim, Gondry cannot possibly be a bad song. Although in Korean, the husky ringing vocals and calming beat transcends language barriers to appeal to anyone wanting to fade into relaxation. This song is dedicated to Michael Gondry, the French filmmaker who made the film, “Eternal Sunshine.” This is shown in the lyrics of the chorus, where Oh Hyuk sings, “Sitting on the sunshine / sunshine is over me, she gets over me.” Although Oh Hyuk is more well-known for his soft and calming voice, Gondry is one of his few extremely chill songs. The slow-paced decorated delicate female vocals by Lim Kim, drums, piano, and cello are particularly well woven throughout the song.

Finally, a simple but mellifluous song from a famous movie sung by Keira Knightley.

A Step You Can’t Take Back – Keira Knightley

This star is from the famous movie “Begin Again”, but this particular song is one of the lesser-known ones from the movie. The song starts with Keira’s soft husky vocals and guitar, but is quickly joined by other instruments. The song progresses as she dreams of Steve, a music director in the movie. In a drunken stupor, Steve envisions drums, piano, and cello—all of which join her humble song to create sweet harmonies. Keira’s voice will surely lull you and bring you to peace in this simple yet delicate song.


– Soomin2