Soomin^2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Lee & Soomin Chun

Hey Tigers! Welcome back to another year of school. To help ease you back into your busy school life, we bring to you three songs that will be perfect for the broad spectrum of emotions you may experience while entering this new phase of life. These emotions may include excitement, sorrow, or dread. Stay strong and best of wishes!

First is an upbeat track by Zedd and Aloe Blacc, a must-hear song for those nostalgic about the summer.

Candyman – Zedd, Aloe Blacc

A couple opening bars of soothing piano chords are immediately joined by Aloe Blacc’s powerful voice, setting up a bright and cheery atmosphere that perfectly reflects the main purpose of the song—to celebrate the 75th anniversary of M&M’s. The song continues to build tension throughout the first verse, successfully leading to the real surprise: the chorus. When the chorus hits, the sudden drop perfectly complements Blacc’s voice as he sings about how “chasing after rainbows / somewhere in the sky…feels so good.” Blacc continues to give off an upbeat vibe throughout the rest of the song by singing about how “love makes the world feel good.” This type of song that elicits positivity is perfect for those who need something to cheer them up before returning to school!

The second is a soft tune by Greyson Chance to put your mind at ease as the stress and fear of grades and assignments start rolling in.

Sunshine & City Lights – Greyson Chance

While “Sunshine & City Lights” is not a mainstream song, its soft and sweet summery vibes certainly deserve more credit. The instrumental, filled with mellifluous guitar strums and piano melodies, paint the background for Chance’s soulful voice. His lyrics “What you need to know / is to try and let it go let it go” remind us of the insignificance of quizzes and grades in the big scheme of life and help us relax. He also repeats “sunshine and city lights / will guide you home,” invoking images of warm sunshine and twinkling street lamps lighting up the road on a cool summer night–small pieces of tranquility in busy Korean life. This star will no doubt have you reminiscing about warm and relaxing summer days and help bring you some peace of mind.

Finally, rising pop stars Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara recount their young romances in WILD.

WILD – Troye Sivan (ft. Alessia Cara)

The remake of Troye Sivan’s hit song “WILD” begins the same way the original does. As Sivan reaches the hook, however, he is joined by Alessia Cara’s soft vocals in the background. They sing of how “there’s still too long to the weekend,” expressing their desire to be with their love ones. Cara takes over the second verse with a new set of lyrics different from the original, bringing in a pleasant twist to the song. She confesses that although she realizes that she and her significant other are “two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds”, she still wants him to “make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind.” The pain both them seem to be going through as they try to make things work is clearly portrayed in the melancholic tune, making it a perfect fit not only for those going through a break-up but also for those dreading the end of summer.

Thanks for listening, and tune in next issue for more of our Stars!


– Soomin2