Concerts in August: Big Bang, Charlie Puth, and Show Me the Money


Big Bang celebrates 10th anniversary by hosting domestic concert

Attracting close to 6,005,000 fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Big Bang celebrated the tenth anniversary of its debut by hosting “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT: 0. TO. 10” on Aug. 20. The Big Bang concert was streamed online on two broadcasting systems, including V app and the Chinese Bong Hwang Mang channel, reaching an additional 124 million Chinese and Korean fans. During the concert, Big Bang showcased its hit songs such as “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby,” followed by three more encore songs of “Lies,” “BAE BAE,” and “Always.”

“The most memorable moment was when the audience turned on their LED bracelets coordinated to change color at the same time depending on the music, since it indirectly symbolized that there were always millions of fans supporting Big Bang even through the most challenging times,” said Christine Lee (9), Big Bang fan. “Most importantly, given that Big Bang usually hosts international concerts especially in countries such as Japan or China, I feel extremely privileged since I got the chance to see Big Bang as a whole group in Korea.”

Charlie Puth holds first concert in Korea

American singer, songwriter, and record producer Charlie Puth held his first concert in Korea on Aug. 18 in the Yes 24 Live Hall, attracting over one thousand people. To the concertgoers’ delight, singers and songwriters, Sam Kim and Jina Kwon, performed onstage before Charlie Puth commenced with his first song, “Marvin Gaye.” While the following fan meeting was canceled due to acoustic problems, Puth ended the show on a good note with “See You Again,” the original soundtrack for the movie, “Fast and Furious 7.”

Mnet hosts “Show Me the Money 5” concert

Mnet, a popular Korean broadcasting channel, hosted the “Show Me the Money 5” concert featuring its top six contestants on August 20 at the Olympic Park Hall. The top six contestants and other notable rappers were invited to participate in the performance. Such rappers included BewhY, C jamm, Superbee, Reddy, Sharp gun, and Seochulgu, along with special guests, Dok2 and The Quiette.

“As an avid fan of ‘Show Me the Money 5,’ I enjoyed having the first-hand privilege of listening to both the works of the developing rappers and those of established rappers such as Dok2,” Julie Song (11) said. “I believe that the rappers performed to their fullest potential and displayed different aspects of their abilities that they had not revealed in the past shows.”