Noteworthy Note 7 sparks frenzy


The release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has sparked heated discussions between both Apple and Samsung users regarding the product’s new properties and design. Samsung ended its pre-order sales of the model on Aug. 18 and began selling the mobile phone on Aug. 19 in South Korea. The Galaxy Note 7 hit 200,000 devices in just two days; twice the number of the hit Galaxy S7 had expected in March, according to Chosun Media. A big screen can be beautiful, but it comes at a price range of about $900 to 1000. Are these features really worth the cost?

“I’ve always used iPhones and I’m a true apple user,” Jaywon Lee (10) said. “I hope Apple’s release of their iPhone 7 will be amazing and will produce a better product than people anticipated. I’ve always used the iPhone because since I use a Macbook, its easier to connect all of my music and photos. I’ve been waiting for a really long time to buy the iPhone 7, but if it isn’t as good as I thought, maybe I’ll try out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.”

Some of the new features of the Note 7 include an S Pen, an iris scanner, a waterproof case, and a 5.7 inch screen. According to Forbes, a few years ago, electronic companies had never thought of the idea of making their phone screens larger than 4.5 inches. Fast forward to the present day, 5.3 inch smartphones have shifted into a 5.7 inch waterproof screen. Out of all the new features, the main improvement of the phone is believed to be the S pen. With a more narrow and sensitive tip than before, the S pen allows individuals to annotate more efficiently.

“Frankly I am not stirred by the iPhone 7, even as an avid Apple user,” Eileen Cho (11) said. “Things just seem too impractical and complicated. Samsung phones in general just seem more efficient and practical because they have more universal settings. I have to admit I’m still a bit skeptical of how well these new additions are going to turn out. My feelings of the new galaxy note are a lot more positive than those for the upcoming iPhone 7.”

Reviews for the Note 7 have not been entirely positive, either. The most important feature that most people seem to have a problem with is the battery life. The 3,500mAh battery supposedly lasts throughout an entire day of intense use. However, according to PhoneArena, the Note 7 exploded in the midst of charging. Staff members believe the explosion was caused due to the heating of the lithium-ion battery. Market watchers claim that if these situations occur frequently, it could negatively affect the sales of the new mobile.

“I was excited about the new iPhone 7, but after reading the comments makes me a little doubtful,” Sarah Park (10) said. “At the same time, I do not want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as I feel like there are too many features in the phone making it very complicated. At this point, I’m not sure which phone to buy.”

Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone 7 in early September, but has not yet released any information regarding its new phone. However, rumors of the iPhone 7 seem to have stimulated negative reviews. According to Macworld, many people believe the new iPhone 7 will be thinner without the headphone jack. Whether these rumors about the iPhone 7 are true or not will be determined with its release. According to The Korea Herald, both Apple and Samsung users have been awed by the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, calling it the “best smartphone ever”.